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Mai Tye x Teddy Litter

Pedigree for Mai Tye x Teddy
Field Spaniel

Ch Gooseberry Nite On the Town (L)
  • OFA Good FS-510G31M-PI
  • CERF Clear
  • Cardiac Clear
  • Multiple Group Placer
  • 2010 #2 Field Spaniel Breed & All Breed
  • National Specialty Wins
  • 2009 Judges Award of Merit


MBISS MBIS Ch. Marshfield's Boys' Night Out CD RA (L)
  • OFA Good FS-270G25M-T
  • Cardiac Normal FS-CA4/72M/C-PI
  • Thyroid Normal  FS-TH174/30F-VPI
  • Cerf Clear FS-287
  • OFA
  • 11 All breed BIS
  • 150 Group Placements
  • 51 Group Firsts 
  • Top Winning Field Spaniel of All Time
  • 4x Westminster BOB
  • Group 2 placement 2002 Westminster
  • Hall of Fame
  • ROM-Show 
  • National Specialty Wins
  • 1998 WD,BOW and Best in puppies sweepstakes 
  • 1999 JAM
  • 2000 Best in Show
  • 2001 Best in Show
  • 2002 JAM 
  • 2003 JAM
  • 2004 Best in Show
  • 2004 Best Stud dog
  • 2005 JAM
  • 2006 Best in Show
  • 2007 Best in Show
  • 2008 Best in Show
  • 2011 Best in Show at age 14!
BISS Ch CT Calico's Hot Pursuit Del Prado (L)
  • OFA Good FS-227G24M-T
  • Cerf Clear FS-249
  • 1998 BOS National Specialty
  • 1998-1999 Best Stud Dog National Speciality 
  • BISS 2002 National Specialty
  • 1st TDX, VST, CT in breed 
  • Multiple Group placements   
  • Hall of Fame
  • ROM Outstanding Sire Excellent
  • ROM Tracking       
  • Bred By: Les and Donna Castleberry of Del Prado Field Spaniels          
  • 2001 #1 Breed
Ch. Lydemoor Lincoln CD (L)
(UK import)
Ch. Calico's Dulcinea Del Prado CDX TD NA (L)
  • 2002 National Specialty  BOS
  • 2002 National Specialty Best in Veterans Sweeps
Ch. Cotoica's Texas Sagebrush (L)
  • OFA Good FS-182G24F
  • Cerf Clear 
  • 1998 National Specialty Best Brood Bitch
Cotoica's Buckeye O'Sar Deb (L)
Cotoica's Mesquite (L)
Ch. Goosberry's Triple Play (L)
  • American Spaniel Club
  • 2001 Best of Winners
  • National Specialty Wins
  • 2005 Award of Merit
Ch. Tristan Del Prado VCD1 RN OA NAP HOF (L)
  • OFA Fair    FS-229F24M
  • Cerf Clear   FS-271
  • 1998 National Specialty Award of Merit 
  • ROM-Outstanding Sire
  • Hall Of Fame


Ch. Lydemoor Lincoln CD (L)
(UK import)
  • 1994 National Specialty Best Stud Dog
  • ROM Outstanding Sire Excellent
  • Hall Of Fame
Ch. Calico's Dulcinea Del Prado CDX TD NA
  • OFA Good FS-104G25F
  • Cerf Clear FS-145
  • 2002 National Specialty BOS
  • ROM Oustanding Dam
  •  Hall of Fame


BISS Ch. Cotoica's Once Is Not Enough (L)
  • Top Winning Field Spaniel Bitch of All Time (until 2010)
  • Multiple Group Winner
  • Multiple Group Placer-          38 group placements
  • 2010 #10 Breed
  • National Specialty Wins
  • 1994 Best In Sweeps
  • 1997 Best In Show
  • 1998 Best In Show
  • 1996 & 1997 Westminster KC Best of Opposite
  • 1998 Westminster KC Best of Breed
  • 2001 American Spaniel Club Best of Breed



Ch. Jeran's Daydream Believer
Ch. Cotoica's Picadilly Circus
GCH CH CT Killara's Here Comes The Sun VCD1 GN RE MH MX MXJ XF, WDX (L)
  • OFA Excellent FS-655E25F-PI
  • Elbows Normal FS-EL147F25-PI
  • Cardiac Normal FS-CA98/15F/C-PI
  • Thyroid Normal  FS-TH175/47F-VPI
  • Cerf Clear FS-581
  • Patella Normal  FS-PA67/25F/P-PI
  • 26 AKC titles to date
  • 3 time AKC/Eukanuba Agility Invitational invitee
  • 3 time AKC/Eukanuba National Championship Show Invitational invitee
  • AKC National Tracking Test invitee
  • Titled in tracking, hunting, agility, rally, obedience and conformation 
  • First Field Spaniel Bitch to earn the Champion Tracking Title
  • First Field Spaniel to earn three AKC Championships
  • First VST & Champion Tracking Titled bitch in breed
  • 2011 Bitch Select at the American Spaniel Club 
  • 2010 FSSA National Specialty- Made the final cut in Best of Breed ring- owner handled
  • ROM- Hunting
  • ROM- Agility
  • ROM- Rally
  • Hall of Fame qualifier
Ch. Breezy Hollow Brigadoon SH (L)
  • OFA Excellent FS-413E25M-PI
  • CERF Clear FS-499
  • OFA Cardiac FS-CA131/97M/C-PI
  • 2008 Top Sire Dog Champion Titles
  • Hall Of Fame
Ch Wickford's Trevor (L)
  • OFA Fair FS-168F26M-T
  • CERF Clear FS-206
  • 1994 National Specialty
    Best Bred  By Exhibitor 
Ch. Squier's Gen Ulyssess Grant (B)
  • OFA Fair FS-85F26M
  • 1990 National Specialty Reserve Winner's Dog
  • ROM- Outstanding Sire Excellent 
Ch. Bitterblue's Crown Jewel
  • OFA Good FS-74G26F
  • 1992 National Specialty Brood Bitch
  • ROM- Outstanding Dam Excellent
Ch. Breezy Hollow Notorious
  • OFA Good FS-232G27F
  • CERF Clear FS-292
BISS Ch. Bitterblue's Triple Crown CD SH WDX, TDI
  • OFA Hips Good FS-74G26F
  • ROM- Outstanding Sire Excellent
  • ROM- Show
  • ROM- Field 
  • 84 group Placements
  • Hall Of Fame 
  • First Senior Hunter in breed 
  • National Wins
  • BISS 1992, 1994
  • Judge's Award of Merit (JAM) 1996, 1998
  • 1999 Best of Opposite Veterans Sweeps
  • 1998 & 1999 Veteran Dog


Ch. Bitterblue's Rudy Toot Toot CD WDX
  • OFA Good FS-120G26F
  • CERF Clear FS-153
  • 1994 National Specialty Judge's Award of Merit (JAM)
  • Group Placer
  • First WDX in Breed
  • ROM Outstanding Dam
Ch. Catera's Simply Irresistible VCD2 RE TDX NFP SH (L)
  • OFA Good FS-517G29F-PI
  • Elbows FS-EL78F29-PI
  • Cardiac Normal FS-CA44/32F/C-PI
  • Thyroid Normal  FS-TH76/29F-PI
  • Cerf Clear FS-485 
  • First TDX Bitch in Breed
  • First Field Spaniel to be titled in all AKC performance venues open to Field Spaniels
  • High in Trial
  • 2006 Top Obedience Field Spaniel
  • 2008 Top Producer Champion title
  • 2009 Top Produce All Titles with 17 titles earned by her get
  • Hall Of Fame
  • ROM -Rally
  • ROM- Hunting


Ch. Calico's Lamfhada CD RN (L)
  • OFA Good FS-370G24M-PI
  • Elbows FS-EL25M24-PI
  • Cerf Clear FS-329
  • Hall Of Fame
Ch. Calico's Moving Picture MH CDX RN (L/T)
  • OFA Good FS-263G24M-T
  • elbows FS-EL2M24-T
  • Cerf Clear FS-253N
  • 2004 National Specialty BOS Veterans sweeps
  • 1st male field with Master Hunt title
  • ROM- Field
  • Hall Of Fame
Ch. Calico's Queen of the Road CDX TD (L)
  • OFA Good FS-266G24F-T
  • Cerf Clear FS-273N
  • 1998 BOS in puppy sweepstakes
  • 2004 National Specialty Brood Bitch
  • Hall of Fame
  • ROM- Outstanding Dam Excellent
  • Bred By Eileen Griffin Marshfield Field Spaniels
Catera's Still the One CDX RE (L)
  • OFA Good FS-286G28F-T
  • Cerf Clear
  • #1 Field Delaney System Obedience, CDX title-2004
  • Hall Of Fame
  • ROM-Outstanding Dam
  • ROM Rally
Ch. Tristan Del Prado VCD1 RN OA NAP (L)
  • 1998 National Specialty Award of Merit 
  • ROM-Outstanding Sire
  • Hall Of Fame


Ch. Calico's Stuck With You CDX OA NAJ (L)
  • OFA Good  FS-176G26F
  • Cerf Clear FS-182
  • 1999 Best Brood Bitch National Specialty
  • Veterans Bitch 2004 National Specialty
  • first open agility titled bitch
  • first NAJ title in breed history
  • Hall of Fame



This pedigree page was built for free at

*Health clearance numbers were obtained from the Orthopedic Foundation of America (OFA). These numbers are listed as a quick reference. It is up to the individual to research and verify any information listed.



For those who are new to dog show abbreviated terms:

BIS= Best In Show                           CD= Companion Dog
BISS = Best in Specialty Show        CDX= Companion Dog Excellent 
BOB= Best of Breed                         UD= Utility Dog                        
BOS= Best of Opposite                   UDX= Utility Dog Excellent 
JAM = Judge's Award Of Merit       OTCH= Obedience Trial Champion 
NA= Novice Agility                            TD= Tracking Dog                            
NAJ= Novice Agility Jumpers           TDX= Tracking Dog Excellence      
OA= Open Agility                           VST= Variable Surface Tracking   
OAJ= Open Agility Jumpers              CT= Champion Tracker 
AX= Agility Excellent                        JH= Junior Hunter
AXJ= Agility Excellent Jumpers         SH= Senior Hunter
MX = Master Agility                         MH= Master Hunter
MXJ = Master Agility Jumpers          WD= Working Dog
MACH = Master Agility Champion    WDX = Working Dog Excellence
RN = Rally Novice                           RAE = Rally Adv Excellence
RA = Rally Advanced                      RE= Rally Excellent   

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