Killara Field Spaniels

Killara Field Spaniels

Our dogs have proudly achieved :
Multiple AKC Sporting Group Winners
Multiple AKC Group Placers
Multiple Regional Specialty Best In Shows
Multiple National Specialty Awardees
Numerous AKC Championship
Numerous AKC Grand Championships
Numerous Field Spaniel Society of America Register of Merit Honorees
Numerous Field Spaniel Society of America Hall of Fame Inductees
Westminster Kennel Club Awardee
Multiple Champion Tracking Dog Titlists
Master Agility Titlist
 Multiple MASTER HUNT Titlists
Multiple Obedience & Rally Titlists
Multiple Hunt Dog Titlists
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*Maiko GROUP 1 WIN* *Maiko RESERVE BEST IN SHOW* *Karen Balinski is awarded the AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award *Mai Tye Bitch Select & Best Veteran In Sweeps 2017 FSSA National* Flyer Best of Opposite FSSA 2015 National* *Maiko Award of Merit 2015 FSSA National* *Jayln & Maiko Best Brace 2015 FSSA National*  *2008 Top Breeder Of Champion Titles Field Spaniels *

Heart: Litter Expected in early August!

Above: GCH Killara's Brighter Than The Sun TD "Maiko" 1st Field Spaniel bitch to go Reserve Best In Show!

What is a Field Spaniel?             

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  Many people are taken aback when they see a Field Spaniel for the first time. They are drawn in by their beauty but left wondering about what kind of spaniel is this? People mistake them for other breeds such as a cocker spaniel or a field bred Springer. Even after they hear the name Field Spaniel the puzzled look remains on their faces. So what is a Field Spaniel?


  Field Spaniels are a medium size spaniel that is larger than a Cocker Spaniel but smaller than a Springer. Males average approximately 18 inches in height and weight about 45-50 lbs. Females average about 17 inches in height with a weight around 34-39 pounds. There is a misconception that Field Spaniels were originally developed only to be show dog. It is true that the Field Spaniel was bred to be a solid black spaniel that would hopefully catch the judge’s eye in the ring. However, the main purpose of the Field Spaniel has always been to be a working spaniel able to flush and retrieve game.  


  Field Spaniels are not a maintenance free breed when it comes to grooming. Their dense coats are water repellent and require regular brushing. Clipping of the head, neck and ears are necessary to maintain a neat appearance as well as to prevent ear infections. The hair between the pads also requires scissoring. They also shed year-round with increased shedding in spring and fall. 


  There are many other habits of Field Spaniels that may not be appealing to all. They are infamous for their snoring abilities. Their drinking habits leave much to be desired as they love to let water run out of their mouth, throughout the house and often in your lap. Field Spaniels aren’t hyperactive but they are busy. They love to have toys scattered through out the house, and often find great joy in stealing clothing out of the laundry basket! Digging in the backyard is another favorite pastime, and water puddles are never to be avoided. Because of the shedding, playfulness and drinking habits, a Field Spaniel may not be suitable for a person that has house beautiful ambitions.


   Field Spaniels may be initially reserved or aloof upon meeting new people. Often people can mistake this for shyness, which it is not. Shyness can best be described as a dog that is fearful, timid and avoids a new person. Where as a reserved spaniel will stay a few feet away and may "study" a new person and size them up. Usually after a short while the reserved field will decide either that the person is worth further investigating or they will ignore them and go about their usual business. Once they know the person they are friends for life. Other Field Spaniels can be quite the opposite and think everyone is their friend and that the new people would love nothing better than having a field spaniel in their lap.


  Although Field Spaniels are a versatile breed they do require training. In order to have a well behaved pet and family member obedience training is a must! In addition to obedience classes field spaniels require a lot of socialization as puppies so that they can be well adjusted pets. Field spaniels need to live in the home as to be close to their families. They do not do well living in a kennel or backyard. 


Feel free to take a look around and see what Fields can do. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact us at Killara Field Spaniels.

 News Flash 2015!


Congrats to CH Blackbrier's Aristocrat on his 2nd WD at a FSSA Specialty for a 5 point major and New Champion!

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GCH CH CT Killara's Here Comes The Sun VCD2 RE GN GO MH MX MXB MXJ XF "Mai Tye" 29 AKC titles and multiple awards at Nationals and Supported entry- Owner/Breeder handled 


Sisters Tye & Tessa July of 2009


Check Out Some of Our Wins From the National! 

above: Mai Tye FSSA National Specialty Award Of Merit


Above: 2006 Paige High in Trial


Field Spaniel, Field Spaniel Master Hunter, Field Spaniel National Specialty Winner, Field Spaniel Award of Merit, Field Spaniel Performance


Paige is named Top Obedience Field Spaniel for 2006

FSSA 2008 National 1st Place Rally Excellent B

FSSA 2008 National 2nd Place Rally Advance

FSSA 2008 National 2nd place Brood Bitch




To maintain honesty and integrity we DO NOT alter the appearance of the dogs in any photos on our website. We feel it is a misrepresentation of our dogs to enhance the dog's appearance with a photo shop program.    


Killara Field Spaniel website is here to educate about Field Spaniels and all they can do. Our Killara dogs are multi-talented dogs- that can excel in many venues. They excel in the show ring as well as the performance venues. We don't have litters very often as we only breed when we want to add an addition to our family.  So while we don't have quantity we do produce quality!


 Meet Our Current Stars!




“Mai Tye”








Spaniel Club 2011!

                    "Mai Tye"  Bitch Select at Spaniel Club


Fields spaniels can participate in conformation, tracking, obedience, hunting, agility and rally. It is not un-common to see a field spaniel champion with performance titles at the end (or beginning) of their name. There are field spaniels with OTCH's, Master Hunt, and Champion Tracking titles.  


10-22-07 Jay & Luka earn their 1st JH leg


Above: 11-04-07 Mai Tye flying down the track to her TD title

GCH Killara's Grand Idea "Tessa"

Best of Opposite in 2010 FSSA National Specialty &

Group Winning Bitch!

Mai Tye

Back to back 5 point majors at supported entries

Field Spaniel

Killara's Here Comes The Sun  

Hot on his tail! Paige shows her drive and determination. Our Fields HUNT!

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"A well balance dog has titles at both ends of their name!"

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